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We all know how to cook bacon, right?

Whether you stick it under the grill or toss it in a frying pan, we all know that the best way to cook the rashers for a Saturday morning bacon sarnie is to get them super crispy – as nobody wants soggy rind between two slices of bread.

But what if we told you that frying isn’t the best way to crisp up your bacon?

It sounds counterintuitive, but social media chef Roice Bethel has claimed that you can actually get much better results by using a completely different method to cook your rashers – by boiling them instead.

The chef, who posts on TikTok under the username @noflakeysalt, explained that the common problem with getting crispy bacon is that the meat and fat cook at different times, so you often find yourself overcooking or burning your meat while waiting for the fat to render.

But if you add water to the pan instead of oil, Roice claims that the temperature doesn’t get too high and so the fat can take the time it needs to crisp up without burning the meat part in the process.

Then, once the water has evaporated, both the meat and the fat can finish cooking at the same time – resulting in perfectly crispy bacon.

Roice, who is from the US, said in his video: “If you want perfectly crispy bacon, you need to boil it. I know that sounds like it wouldn’t work, but it does.

“There are two parts to every strip of bacon. There’s the muscle, which is the dark part, and the fat, which is the white part. The muscle cooks extremely quickly but the fat takes longer to render out.

“So, add your bacon to a cold pan and add just enough water to cover the bacon.

“The water prevents the temperature from getting too high, which gives the fat time to render out so that the meat and the fat finish cooking at the same time.

“Once the water completely evaporates and the meat can get nice and crispy, the meat isn’t overcooked or burnt, and the fat is perfectly rendered so it’s nice and crispy.”

Commenters on the post were blown away by the hack, as many of them couldn’t believe they hadn’t tried it out for themselves sooner – with several others baffled that it even worked in the first place.

One said: “This is good to know! Thanks!”

While another added: “What??”

And a third posted: “Your work is appreciated.”

Some were less convinced though, as they said there were easier ways of getting the same results – including simply controlling the temperature of your frying pan.

Someone said: “This is just training wheels for people who don’t know how to control the temperature of their pan.”

As someone else commented: “Three minutes in the microwave between two sheets of paper towels will do the same thing.”